The Magical Ring

(short story)

Long time ago one woman inherited a magical ring. It was believed the ring had powers. It could cure any disease; it could help people to put up after an argument and many more things.
As you can guess, that ring was the tidbit for a lot of thieves. And one day it went missing. Nobody could believe it because everyone thought that if you stole the ring from its owner, it would kill you but there were no deaths in the neighborhood. So, the thieves decided to team up and look for that ring. They looked for it at innocent people’s homes, hospitals, museums, exhibitions (they thought somebody sold it.) However, it vanished into thin air…

Ten years later one of the thieves got married and started living his honest life but he had never stopped thinking about the ring. His wife, Maggie, was a baker. She was the most beautiful, talented and healthy girl in the village. She had a huge family. Mother, father, five sisters and five brothers. And she was the only one who could ensure their well-being. One day she came home and saw her husband looking through her old photo albums. “Hey sweetie, come here for just a sec” he told. “Oh my god! He knows,” she thought. She came to him, and he pointed at a picture with Maggie holding a baby and wearing that exact same ring.
“Honey, what is that?” He asked. “Oh, honey, I wish you would never found that picture,” she said and pointed a gun at him…

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