The message of the owl

(Magic Realism short story)

It was a gloomy Friday night. The young boy, exhausted by the road, but with joy in his soul, returned from a long business trip, where he spent six months.

For the past two months, he has been disconnected from any communication with his family. An unknown alarm began to envelop his heart when he finally reached his small village. He was filled with his excitement and suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by something big and fast that flew over his head. The boy did not immediately understand what it was, and a few seconds later in front of him an ominous owl spread its huge wings. Frightened, he staggered and took a few steps back. The bird soared to approach him, and its wings seemed to swing him back, as if not allowing him to go further. Frightened, the young man ran forward, breaking the branches of forest trees, sometimes looking back to see if an owl was flying after him.

When he reached the house of his beloved, he noticed a large crowd. Among them, the young man spotted his sweetheart girl in a white, wedding dress holding the hand of another young man. Turning his head sadly, he noticed a grinning owl on the tree.

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