The hobby of a modern person is an integral part of leisure. Hobbies help to live a luminous and lofty life, do not let boredom or laziness, but sometimes surprise with their strangeness and even cross the boundaries of generally accepted standards.

It is about the most marvelous hobbies of mankind will be discussed below:

The most diverse of the amazing hobbies is collecting… and that only people do not collect – for years, decades, giving huge sums of money or just surprising others with their imagination, for example, a Dane compiles a collection of pills of different colors, but it’s not just pills, but ecstasy! But some Graham Barker collects navel fluff! Yes, it’s not a joke, moreover, for this strange passion, he got into the Guinness Book of Records.

Do you love animals? Do you especially like dogs? Then a new hobby, which has become especially popular with the Chinese, may not leave you indifferent. Owners have begun to paint their own dogs, and in addition to trim so that the dogs look like other animals, so that the panda dog or tiger dog – it’s not mutants.

The afterlife is intriguing to many, and the question of life after death worries many people, probably because of this, hobbies related to imitation of death have recently become popular. For example, a strange trekker who has traveled to many parts of the world and posted a huge number of his photos online. Do you think banal? And no, this strange tourist is photographed lying down in different parts of the world, depicting a corpse. A similar hobby is the demonstration of various types of suicide and the subsequent taking of photos in these plausible poses – a clear example of this is the Internet hero Chuck Lamb, and he already has followers.

Charity – never goes out of fashion, a fan of just giving money. Reed Sandridge even runs his blog, where every day he describes which of the victims and how much he gave today. This hobby benefits not only himself but also those whom he helped.

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