The Paranoia

(criminal story)

Henry was paranoid. He felt that his neighbor wanted to kill him. He had already consulted a psychologist and told his wife about it. They both said that Henry was paranoid and did not want to hear about it anymore.

However, Henry felt great anxiety when he left the house. The curtains in the neighbor’s bedroom closed quickly as Henry turned. He realized that he was being spied on. He was so scared that he ran straight to the car. And when he sat down, he saw that the neighbor’s front door was slowly opening. Henry turned on the engine and drove off quickly. He didn’t care where he went. He didn’t even think about it and just left. Only on the way did he catch on that he was going to his cottage outside the city. Of course, Henry always feels safe there.

A few hours later he arrived and ran to the house. He was confident that he could not be traced. He was sure that he was safe. After inspecting the house, he realized that he had to call his wife, because she did not know where he was and could be worried. He started calling and suddenly heard a melody outside the front door. Opening the door, Henry noticed his wife with a gun and his neighbor smiling from behind… This was the last thing he saw.

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