The Personalization Trend


Latterly, the personalization of clothing and footwear has become a new trend. This is an echo of the distant 80’s, when street youth was looking for a way to individualize themselves and their style. Leather and denim jackets, which were decorated with inscriptions, drawings, badges and stripes, were ordinarily the subject of personalization.

In essence, the personalization is a directed change of clothes, by applying patterns and stripes to clothing or footwear. The main task of personalization is to create in the consumer a feeling that the work is done personally for him and meets his personal needs. The personalization system is a powerful psychological campaign: while the customer selects the configuration of the product for himself, he begins feeling the owner of this thing.

In fact, the personalization is a fairly simple way to personalize your clothes – your image is just as unique as you are. Anything can be a personalization item, from mass-market jeans to an LV leather wallet.

Incidentally, there are many personalization studios, one of which OGCUSTOM is a professional company that offers the services of personalization masters. You develop the desired design, and artists paint your sneakers. Also, sometimes the brands and stores themselves offer professional personalization, as an online platform for branded clothing and footwear Farfetch. The site has an appropriate section “CUSTOMIZATION STUDIO,” which presents many brands, shoes, clothes and accessories that you can customize yourself. Large fashion houses also do not stay away and offer personalization services. For example, the British company Burberry offers personalization of scarves, wallets and perfume bottles by applying initials.

But most still prefer to individualize their clothes and shoes. The most popular items for the personalization among young people are bulky denim jackets and Nike Air Force sneakers.

But the theme of the personalization is already determined by everyone for themselves. It can be a portrait of a cult figure, a favorite cartoon, stripes or inscriptions. Also, sometimes resort to special aging of clothing — tearing and creating abrasions. But the fact remains, no one else will have the identical thing. So what do you think about this present day trend, especially in the time of war?

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