The Power of Flame Burning in Your Soul, Why Passion Is Essential for Success

(Opinion article)

“And he made it, Benya Krik, because he was passionate,
and passion rules over the worlds”.

– Isaac Babel, The Odessa Tales

We all adore watching people talk about something they love. There are a few things that make them extremely attractive: their eyes shining with passion, fascinating self-assurance in their voice, and most importantly, that great, strong energy they radiate. Passion, however, does not only make you an interesting and magnetic person. Like “without a hurt the heart is hollow”, as Jerry Orbach sang, – without passion success is dull and hardly achievable.

Although many of us have been taught that the main ingredient of success is hard work, lots of us also know that it is depressing to do something that does not give you joy and fulfillment. Doing what you love is what makes life truly exciting and enjoyable.

Passion is also what drives you toward specific goals, despite everything. It fuels your determination and confidence, resilience and encouragement. Passion is your inner unlimited source of energy, the flame in your soul that keeps you and the people around from freezing through cold, challenging times. It is what compelled Henry Ford to stay up until the sunrise working to develop a self-powered automobile while his wife was holding a lantern. And it is what impelled Thomas Edison to make another thousand experiments after nine thousand unsuccessful attempts to improve the light bulb.

Without passion for whatever you are trying to accomplish, you are more likely to give up when you face a problem or get a mediocre result and stop. However, when you’re passionate about what you are doing, you are more likely to keep going no matter what and eventually make something remarkable.

September 10, 2019

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