The Powerful Punch of Ukrainian Police To Poltava Farmers buying and selling Russian Tanks On Their Black Market

(humorous article)

The profit is not so big, but it`s honest work”
(a farmer from Poltava)

March 26, 2022. Poltava police smashed a serious strike to local farmers buying and selling Russian T-72 tanks and armored personnel carriers (APC military vehicles) on the black market after their successful ‘Hadiach safari’ on Russian military vehicles started on February 24, 2022.

As it was informed by Evgen Rogachov, Chief of Poltava region police, “Since the beginning of the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Poltava police have seized 11 tanks, 2 armored vehicles, 8 machine guns, 9 submachine guns, 5 rifles, 10 pistols, about 4,000 rounds of ammunition, 14 grenades and about 200 other ammunition.

According to off-the-record sources, in Poltava region the price of a working T-72 varies from $15,000 to $100,000, as for the bid price for foreign military connoisseurs, it starts from $400,000. Armored personnel carriers of various modifications including BTR-70 and BTR-80 are offered by farmers for considerably lower prices. On the local market, the bid price of a trophy BTR ranges from $7,000 to $15,000. Aficionados from abroad could be offered such military vehicles for $100,000-200,000. Surely, the price of working military vehicles depends on the character of damage received in the battle and their general state. The brand-new ones used for military parades could be more expensive and it sounds reasonable.

So, in spite of Poltava police persecution, local farmers keep on chasing Russian tanks T-72 and APC of various modifications…On the one hand, it is time to start seeding and sowing works, so they need additional vehicles. On the other hand, speaking honestly, extra money wouldn`t hurt…

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