‘The Psychology of Stupidity’ by Jean Francois Marmion

(book review)

“Fighting stupidity tends to reinforce it.”
― Jean-François Marmion, The Psychology of Stuoidity

Now I read the book called ‘The Psychology of Stupidity.’ I like it, although I just started to plunge into it. In the library, they say that this book has not been read yet to the end by anybody… It is not surprising, because from the first pages (in the pros.) it is written that readers are also fools and in general the world is dull.

Deadness manifests itself in different ways. Someone is either stubborn or dull. Someone finds himself or herself as the most intelligent, though they are fools too. Someone is brazen and rude, so — a dupe. Someone is too kind and naive, so —a dull bum too. And it is still written that who tries to convince a fool to commit a suicide through drowning, becomes a fool too– in the end there are no righteous and not right, there are two fools and all.

To read this book is very funny, because in each sentence, the author explains why people are stupid, surely, in his opinion. Personally, I believe that the author uses too sharp words like ‘dullness,’ ‘fool,’ ‘stupid’ and similar. I would say that this book is about human flaws apt to everybody. Though, people are different, all of them are morons.That is the opinion of the author…Also he says that the dullness kills all stupid people… It is like their sentence and illnesses finish people off. That is why all of them are doomed.

So why are people stupid? How do you think? I think there is no answer. Someone is dull, because his parents did not like him…This man did not go to a psychotherapist and now he treats people as his parents…The second one is aggressive…The third one is passive, or he or she is just afraid of doing everything because people can call him ‘stupid’ for his actions…

Therefore, in my opinion, stupidity is a person’s wrong reaction to something (aggression, non-recognition of the truth, ordinary stupidity), psychological complexes (for example, Messia, inferiority or narcissism complexes ). It could be openly displayed bad human qualities (stubbornness, rudeness, homophobia, sexism, etc.)

But after reading the book, everyone will decide for himself or herself what the author talks about and what stupidity really is. Because it is hard to explain in common words.

The book is a non-standard, comprising articles, interviews, and essays by experts in the field of psychology and philosophy. It’s a lighthearted, fun and enjoyable permitting to learn more about this issue and giving the possibility to discuss intelligent people lacking the important skill of critical thinking and being full of crazy and obsessive ideas, failing to criticize the cynicism and collective stupidity of people who behave like stubborn creatures not wanting to admit or failing to recognise, their own stupidity.

In my opinion this book is absorbing, and though it is bizarre, it is intelligent and eye-opening at the same time. Though, still now I can explain why the stupidest people don`t think that they are stupid. From start to finish it is perfect for a layperson. My rating is 9/10.

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