The Rival

Veronica looked at Betty, who was listening to the lesson attentively. Which class is it? Chemistry or physics? Mr. Bennett taught both subjects. Never mind. Betty is a dumb nerd. Teacher’s pet. She did her homework and went to bed at 10:00 at night. What did Ritchie see in her? A boring, gray mouse.

Veronica was different. Bright, Boogie. Beautiful. People looked at her. People rushed to her to look at her, to chat to her, to laugh with her. She loved parties. She loved fun and euphoria. But Richie loved…Betty.

What for? Betty-Schmetty…Dull hair and too trusting eyes, shining sometimes with sparkles of gray matter…Pretty lips with colorless gloss. Long eyelashes. A beauty bookworm…What did he found in this blerd-gerd?.

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