‘The Shining’ by Stephen King

(book review)

The beginning of the book is completely calm, Jack Torrance, arranged to work as a watchman at the Overlook Hotel. The hotel has such a reputation for itself from the strange events that happened there. As a watchman, he got settled for the winter, so by the end of autumn, he brings his family there.

The hotel looks even beautiful, it’s an ordinary hotel, it’s somehow unpleasant. Maybe because it is empty, there are no people, except for his family. Or maybe there was originally such an atmosphere that Stephen King conveys wonderfully, because of which there is a strange feeling.

In fact, the family settles in and gradually strange things happen to all of them.

Not that something scares right away, but the tension is constantly increasing, it is palpable.

I find it wonderful when the author makes it as if you are personally at that hotel. A book is read in one breath and you just can not stop yourself. You look at the transformation of Jack in the course of the plot and what happens .

King has a talent for creating a terrible atmosphere that soars in the air. The author describes everything in great detail, so if there is anything to be afraid of, he will do so that you know what it is.

In some moments there will be goosebumps, in some you want to close the book or to read through your fingers because by the end of the book, there are the most stressful moments. The only shortcoming of this book, surely in my humble opinion, sometimes it is too scary and sinister…It is not for children.

This is a wonderful book that arises a lot of incredibly powerful emotions.

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