The Slow Death Of A Long-Distance Relationship

(Ukrainian girls wait for their military men…)


With the development of the Internet, long-distance relationships are becoming more and more common. Someone consciously chooses it, for example, a couple who met online, but for someone, it was a forced step.

A lot of reasons can lead to this type of relationship. Many people work abroad on a permanent or temporary basis, someone goes to another city or country to study. And, of course, people are separated by the present-day Ukrainian – Russian war. A lot of women and children go to the EU, and many men go to the front to protect their Motherland.

What do long-distance relationships mean in general? Spoiler: nothing good and I can say this from my own experience. I met my boyfriend in a Lviv pub. It was a fate, because I am from Kyiv-Khmelnytskyi and he is from Tyraspol which is in the Moldovan version of the DPR. We couldn`t have a normal relationship and faced problems almost immediately. The war only worsened the situation.

In my opinion, online communication is a simulacrum. You can ask, “How is your day?” But you cant hug your beloved and share emotions. You can send photos, but you cant see and touch your lover. You talk about how you spend time with friends, but you don`t spend it together.

On the other hand, the problem is also that you may feel uncomfortable together in the real life. It is too easy, to talk with a person on the Messenger, when you dont see him/her, but for some people it is very difficult to spend time with this person off-line. Fortunately, I didnt face with it, but this problem is widespread.

Lack of live communication kills normal relationships and it’s not even a metaphor. What is a solution? Just meet and start living in one city or end all of this. I hope, my relationship will end with the first option…

As for the Ukrainian girls waiting for their military men from the war fronts…they just ought to believe…and one day they will see them…live and alive.

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