The Spacy Spring/Summer 2021 Trends


The habit of dividing everything exclusively into black and white has reached the catwalks. The most fashionable dress of the season does not tolerate halftones – only two of the most understandable colors that get along with each other both within mini and in complex evening dresses.


The crop top has been successfully transformed into a textured blouse. The most trending models are complemented by puffy sleeves, draperies, laces or decorative knots.


Trench coat

A familiar element of the basic wardrobe this season is undergoing a slight transformation. The hottest trench coat this spring is one that looks like it’s a couple sizes bigger for you.

Oversized shirt

A huge shirt is ready to act both as a dress and as an addition to other elements of the image. It is best to combine this with similar things from the XXL category – palazzo trousers, wide culottes or voluminous elongated shorts.

Wide jeans

Loose-fitting jeans were last in vogue in the 1990s. A few decades later, they return, having lost their informal hooligan flair along the way. Now it’s more of a boho chic or urban casual outfit.

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