The Statue of Liberty


I have been struck by the grandeur of the Statue of Liberty since my early school years. So long, its torch of freedom has heated my soul with its freedom sparkles. So what is the historical background of this startling symbol of liberty?

The Statue of Liberty appeared as the landmark of the newfound independence when the United States was no longer considered a British colony. In 1870, Bartholdi made the first sketches of a sculpture that combined the images of the ancient Roman goddess of freedom Libertas and one of the symbols of the United States, Colombia. In the spring of 1876, Bartholdi again came to the United States as a member of the French delegation at the World Exhibition, and in August, part of the future sculpture was delivered to Philadelphia: a right hand with a torch.

A huge hand with a balcony in a torch caught public attention and made a real resonance! USА President Wills Grant accepted the Statue of Liberty as a gift from France and even chose the island on which it will be placed. In 1878, the head of the Statue of Liberty was created, which was also presented at an exhibition in Paris. In 1879, Bartholdi attracted Gustave Eiffel to create the interior of the structure, who designed the supporting structure of the statue (including two spiral staircases leading to the crown), on which the external, “artistic” parts of the sculpture were to be fixed.

The statue was assembled twice: first in France, then, after having dismantled it, in the USA. The opening ceremony of the Statue of Liberty was held on October 28, 1886, and in 1924 the Statue of Liberty received the status of the National Monument of the United States. In 1956 Bedloe Island was renamed as Liberty Island, and in 1966 it was added to the US National Register of Historic Places.

The installation of the Statue of Liberty is not just a whim of the authorities of that time; it is a deliberate step towards rallying the American people, raising patriotism and lightning up the freedom sparkles in the hearts of Americans.

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