The story of Princess Diana’s wedding shoes

“Only do what your heart tells you.”
(Princess Diana)

The wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles took place on July 29, 1981, at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Since then, the wedding image of Lady Dee has become one of the most discussed in the whole world: a magnificent dress made of silk taffeta, reminiscent of a cream cake, delicate lace, hand embroidery, ten thousand pearls, and an 8-meter train. Nevertheless, little is known about her wedding shoes, which are hidden under the multilayer taffeta of the Baroque image.

On the eve of her wedding, Princess Diana turned to a pair of niche designers of the time, little known to the general public, but highly respected among successful people, including Bianca Jagger. These were David and Elizabeth Emanuel, who, in addition to designing wedding dresses for Lady Dee, also developed shoes and accessories. It was they who designed the shoe, which was conceived as a real decoration and hand-made by Clive Shilton, a master of shoes ‘made in England’. These shoes were made of silk satin, embroidered with 542 sequins and 132 pearls. In the center of the shoe flaunted a heart framed by delicate lace and embroidery. Lady Diana shoes were an ode to romance – inside the shoes were embroidered with references to the new royal union in the form of the initials D and C, intertwined in the shape of a heart.

At the special request of the Princess of Wales, her wedding shoes had a very low heel. The fact is that Lady Dee is very tall and without heels, she was flush with her future husband. She chose to avoid the heel so as not to embarrass Prince Charles on such a responsible and important day. This small gesture conveyed all the tenderness and love of Diana to her He-man. OMG!

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