The suffering of Prince Harry. The queen’s grandson told why he took the family from the palace

In a new public appearance, Prince Harry explained why he took his wife and child to California, and said that he would like to “break the vicious circle of pain and suffering” that surrounded him as a child so that his own children would not experience anything like this.

The Duke of Sussex already has a son, Archie, and now he and his wife Megan are expecting the birth of their second child – a daughter. At the same time, talking about his unhappy childhood, Harry says that “I would not want to point a finger at аnyone.”

Clarence House (the Westminster residence of members of the British royal family) has already reported that they will not comment on the latest statements of the prince.

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Prince Harry got a job at an American psychological care company.

Prince Harry, who took part in the American podcast Armchair Expert, compared his life to “a cross between the Truman Show [in this American film drama, a man named Truman Burbank lives his usual life, unaware that he is constantly being watched by video cameras, and the whole world is watching around the clock for his life on the air] and life at the zoo.”

“I don’t think we should point the finger at someone, but when it comes to the role of parents, I experienced pain and suffering to one degree or another, because such pain and suffering may have been experienced by my father or both parents, and I want to break this vicious circle so as not to inherit it,” Harry told podcast host Dax Shepard.” This is suffering at the genetic level, it is inherited, so we, as parents, should try to do our best and say: you know that it happened to me, and I don’t want history to repeat itself with my children. ”

“It’s not easy, but the main thing for me is to understand that the problem exists,” added the Duke of Sussex. “I hadn’t thought about it before and didn’t notice anything, but at some point everything turned into a clear picture, and I said to myself: here he went to school, and that’s what happened, I know about this incident in his life and I know that it is connected with his parents, which means that he acted with me the same way as they did with him. So how can I change is it about your own children?”

According to Harry, the move of the whole family to America was not planned in advance, it is just that “sometimes you have to make a decision and think about yоur family and your own mental health first.”

“Here I can live with my head held high, I feel differently, my shoulders have straightened, and she too, here you can move around more freely, I can put Archie on the trunk of a bicycle, before I could not even think about it,” said Prince Harry about his life in California.

According to the BBC’s correspondent for the royal family Johnny Diamond, the next statements of Prince Harry were “a real removal of litter from public” (in this case — from the palace).

“This is not to say that they did not talk about it in private, many sources told me that all this is the result of Megan’s influence, and that before her Harry felt happier in his role,” notes Diamond. “However, Harry himself says in this podcast that Meghan played a part in realizing that there is another way and other possibilities. So he is quite outspoken about that. “

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