The War in Ukraine… We shall overcome my friend!

(opinion article)

Terrible events have been taking place in Ukraine for more than a month now, and everyone is trying to understand why civilians are being killed. This whole situation is extremely confusing for people, they have nervous breakdowns. Sometimes you get distracted, but you still reach for the phone screens and the computer keyboard to find out what’s going on right now. In such difficult times, it is important to support each other and not to quarrel with friends and folks over trifles. This is a very important aspect, because everyone needs support.

Every citizen of Ukraine wholeheartedly hopes that all these dramatic events will end soon and everyone will live as before, or even better. But now we must not panic and support our army in different ways. Some people can cook for defenders, others can sew clothes. Such students as you and I can fight on the information front and do our best to convey to the world the truthful information explaining ‘who is who.’ The main thing is that we shall overcome the enemy together, the main thing is to believe in each other’s strong will and strength. The main goal is to follow all the rules and advice given to us by the defenders and the Ukrainian parliament, so that every citizen who performs even simple actions can help to win this horrible and gory war against humanity.

It is hard for all of us, but the time will come and it will end, people will return to their homes from abroad. We will start going to work and study again, the children will go to school and sing the splendid songs of their angelic souls. Everyone will come back to the normal life, meet their folks and friends, but for this we need to fight and we will do it to protect our rights and our country.

We will definitely succeed, ‘Glory to Ukraine!’ and ‘Slava Ukraini!’

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