The Witcher 3. A lifelong adventure

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Of course, every gamer has at least heard about the masterpiece of the Polish games industry, the developers of which are CD Project RED. But did everyone complete the game 100%? Personally, I am still on the final quest for half a year now, why I will tell you further.

The game world of The Witcher captures from the first second, its vivid picture, interesting world, captivating architecture and world building. I want to study this world, collect information bit by bit, and of course kill monsters. Are they really monsters?

The witcher does not experience emotions, neither joy nor sadness is known to him, he only has a code. He is not a human being – a mutant, his wolf eyes strike fear into ordinary people. From a person he has only an image. Then why does he have so many weaknesses?

Quests are built so that you would understand – this is not just a game, this is a whole new world in which a lot of wonderful things await you. Or maybe terrible?

Why, then, are so few people going through the game 100%? Because in The Witcher there are about 36 different endings and even when you have completed the game you are thrown into the open world and you can explore it endlessly. Why haven’t I completed the game yet? Because this game takes a lot of time, it was created in order to return to it.

The game teaches that not all monsters need to be killed, and some people are worse than the most terrible monster. That you should not trust people, you need to understand everything yourself. The witcher has a desirable rule… He does not kill people… But what to do when a person is worse than the most terrible beast? What weapon then to use against him?

The game asks a lot of questions, the answers that need to be found within yourself, figure out what kind of Witcher you will be, will your image of the harsh White Wolf collapse, will you kill the one who harms those who hate you? You will find the answer after completing at least a couple of missions. Good luck my friend!

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