The Woman With a Big Heart

“I will find, I will find my way home …”
— Jamala, “The Way Home” Song

Ukraine has long been famous for talented people who are representatives of various nationalities living here in peace and harmony. I want to tell you about Jamala, the Crimean Tatar singer.

She grew up in a family of musicians where a song was a classic form of emotional expression. Participating in many competitions has only developed this magnificent skill of the talented vocalist.

The eighth international competition “New Wave” (2009) became a chance to get into big show business. Launches of new songs, album releases have begun, creativity is in full swing. Susana (it is real name of Ja) doesn’t lose her empathy and humanity. In 2014, when ‘The Revolution of Dignity’ broke out, together with Andriy Khlyvnyuk and Dmytro Shurov, she released the song “Zlyva”, dedicated to the fighters for our freedom.

In 2016, her victory at The Eurovision Song Contest (with the song “1944”) turned into one of the most important events in the cultural history of Ukraine. I remember this day: the sun shone brightly on our flag, looking like an amazing angel.

Today, Ja sings to the world about Ukrainians again. When the full-scale invasion began, the singer left and traveled for 4 days to the border with Romania. There her husband Seit-Bekir left her and went back to the Ukrainian capital. Jamala started an informational war against the aggressor in Europe: the singer explained that she wanted to be as effective as possible, so now she is giving interviews to foreign publications about the truth of events in Ukraine.

Now she has given more than 30 interviews and sang her song “1944” at the final of the Eurovision 2022 national selection in Germany. She performed on stage with tears in her eyes, dressed in a black suit with a Ukrainian flag on her shoulders.

Thanks to the concerts in various European countries, more than 83 million euros have already been raised to help Ukraine. I believe that we should be infinitely grateful to her for such great willpower. Ukraine will resist and return Ja and her big Crimean Tatar family “home”!

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