Thirteen Reasons to Read Books

  1. Books to read must be able to choose. Reading worthy authors, we not only gain certain knowledge but also learn to express our thoughts correctly and beautifully.

It is much more pleasant to communicate with people who speak competently. This skill is also necessary for those who wish to succeed in business, in leadership positions, or in politics.

  1. It is important not just to read, but to clearly understand what you are reading. The degree of culture of any person depends on the ability to analyze what has been read and apply the experience gained in practice.
  2. Only those who spend their time not watching TV, but with a book in their hands, can lead people. Blue screens are capable of zombifying us, dulling our consciousness.

Of course, it’s hard to completely abandon the TV, but it is recommended to watch it less. It is only a few hours of sitting in front of the TV replaced by reading useful literature, as changes in the positive direction will not take long.

  1. The creators of modern films are doing their best so that we don’t have any need to even include our imagination. The film industry today works wonders and impresses with the quality of special effects. And there is no longer room for our imagination.

Literature does not limit our fantasies, forcing the brain to work. Our imagination here plays the role of director and director. Perhaps that is why the film adaptations of the works we read often disappoint us.

  1. A large amount of reading allows us to stand out from the crowd. Well-read people have no need to imitate anyone.
  2. Undoubtedly, all people are divided into those who read and those who listen to them. Naturally, everyone wants to see themselves among the readers.
  3. As water consists of a drop, so important knowledge for us consists of grains of sand read.
  4. To improve the figure, we do exercises. So it is with our brains: one must read regularly to keep the mind in shape.
  5. Of course, it’s bad not to pick up a book for a month or two. But it’s much worse to think that this state of affairs is quite normal.
  6. Destroying books is like a crime. But ignoring them can also be considered a crime.

Some people take pride in their rich home library. But for many, books simply gather dust on shelves, not bringing any benefit to their owners. Books to such people give solidity and status. And there are houses where there are a small number of books, but they are all read out to the holes.

  1. It is believed that it is possible to grow wiser after reading 10 books. But in order to find exactly these books, you need to read more than one hundred and even a thousand books.
  2. The books have gained invaluable experience from many people. And this precious knowledge carries the printed word from century to century.
  3. Many people know this saying: “We are what we eat.” The same analogy can be drawn with books — we are what we read.

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