This book totally should be studied in schools!

Why wasn’t this book in the academic program when I was at school?

Unfortunately, I do not know the satisfactory answers. I did not understand the system at which a program of foreign (and let’s be honest, Ukrainian as well) literature is made at school. And now I still do not understand.

Many works have come down to me only over the years, but certainly not when I read them in a terrible hurry for lessons. Some of them I won’t reread ever (hello and bye, Anna Karenina).

But why not to include a simple book like this, Animal Farm by George Orwell? Where it is clearly told in the form of a fairy tale – how the communists brainwashed desperate people. How they confused and cynically manipulated. How pitiable people were forced to work in the worse and worse conditions… And they were told that in fact everything was the way worse before, they just didn`t remember. And how they were forced to fight… To fight even with one another, to hate and beware of one’s own brother… And everything is presented in a simple, clear manner, it seems that it is literally chewed, only swallow it.

And this is what I want to teach at school. Not that I’ve ever been a supporter of communism, but I know very well that some books children bring home. Such a short story – they can even read in a full book, not just a short version on the Internet. And some of them will start discussing what they read with their parents. Not all. Not always. But step by step, one by one, the fundamental truth about what communism really was will creep up on people. Because of these clear metaphors used by Orwell. And maybe one of the children in my village would bring this book home, talk to beloved relatives and at least slightly shake their faith that “it used to be better”?

May 6, 2021

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