Those Funny-Puny Moments

(Humorous campus story)

Nowadays, it’s very fashionable to be a unique individual. All around the world want to be bright, brilliant and badass. But from a bird-eye perspective, it seems that there is a lot of funny stuff around us, a lot of those little universal moments, which make us smile and chuckle all the time.

Have you ever looked at your wristwatch not knowing what time it is? You look again, again, again… and still don’t know the time! You think, “What an odd thing! I have been asking the question about time all my day long and each time I have various variants…” Or that spooky moment, when you find yourself in one of the rooms of your apartment, you can’t remember why you have gone in there, and two words just float across your mind, “Alzheimer’s disease.”  Luckily, you forget about it while entering the second room.

By the way, have you ever taken a nap in the late afternoon and after waking up in  complete darkness, you just don’t know what goddamn day it is?

I love this little stuff. It brings us back to who we really are and not to who we want to seem to be.

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