Three Brothers

Once upon a time there lived a rabbit king; he had three sons. Two of them were smart and intelligent, and the third one was little, being simple and called a ‘Fool’ by everyone.

The king rabbit grew old and got weak; he saw that he would soon have to die, but he could not decide which of his sons should inherit his kingdom. So he told his sons to go to the middle of nowhere, to travel around the world and whoever would bring him the best carpet would get the kingdom after his death.

So to avoid the disputes between them, he led them to the castle, took three feathers, blew on them, and they flew up, driven by good-spirited gusts of wind. After that he ordered, “Wherever they fly, there you go.”

One feather flew to the east, the second to the west, and the third flew too, but not too far and soon landed on the ground. Thus, one brother went to the right, the second went to the left, laughing at the Fool who remained at the third feather, where it fell.

When the first brother wandered around the world in the search of a carpet, he met an old grandmother. She approached him and asked for a piece of bread. The older brother was stunned. He knew he didn’t have much food left, so he refused the old woman.

Grandma took her magic crystalline ball and noticed the second brother walking and looking for a rug on the other side of the world. She asked him to help her to find a way… He also refused her, saying that he had so little time to seek a carpet.

Then the old grannie came to the third brother, called ‘Stupid.’ He got sitting in the same place near the castle, where their father left. The old grandmother approached him and asked for fresh water to drink. Although everyone called this brother silly, the guy was open-hearted and good-natured. He took out his jug with clean water, holding it so that the old woman felt more comfortable. Grandma was surprised. She thought that this brother was the same as the others. In fact, she was a sage sorceress. She thanked him for his kindness, took the finest carpet from her bewitchment bag and gave it to this brother.

All the brothers came back to their father. The first two were empty-handed. And the youngest brought the king a wonderful wall-to-wall carpet. Surely, it was he, who became the king.

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