Three Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

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In this article I would like to tell you about several trends in the digital sphere, which will develop in 2022, and which are worth paying attention to.

And the first is TikTok, Reels and Shorts. TikTok has appeared in people’s lives relatively recently, but it quickly gained popularity and a huge audience. Most people immediately disliked this application, believing that it was of no use and only hindered the development of those who use it. But now it has become obvious to most that this application is a really powerful and relevant tool for promotion. TikTok has been followed by other no less popular platforms: Instagram started promoting the alternative function Reels, YouTube launched the format Shorts back in the summer of this year. It follows that all the world’s platforms have begun to actively develop short videos. According to marketers, in 2022 they will diligently study the features of each of the above platforms, but already now they advise paying attention to the format of short videos, which in 2021 became a favorite not only among the modern generation.

The second trend is the virtual reality. I think everyone is familiar with this concept in 2021. The virtual reality feature is not entirely new, but it has been developing rapidly recently. People are having a hard time being carried away or surprised by something, so digital technologies are becoming more and more sophisticated and unusual. Technology offers audiences amusing virtual and augmented reality experiences. Many companies, using VR and AR technologies, conduct tours, show novelties, create interactive models of their products. AR is already being progressively used by large companies: Lamoda offers a virtual fitting of things, and IKEA gives customers the opportunity to see how the furniture will look in the room before they buy, using a mobile app. Such technologies are becoming more and more accessible every day, and marketers predict that in 2022 more companies will start using virtual reality in the development of their brands.

And the last very popular trend is visual search. I think everyone would like to pick up the phone, point the camera at some object of interest to you (it could be anything) and you are instantly provided with all the information on the Internet regarding this object. Not so long ago, such a possibility appeared. Users are slowly getting used to the fact that they can simply upload images and get information about the item they are interested in with a picture or photo, rather than typing a text query into Google. When a user searches for a product in this way, search engines offer them the data they need, places to buy similar products. Special visual search tools turn the user’s camera into a search bar and make searches more efficient. Marketers say that visual search technology is developing rapidly and that such a feature is growing in popularity.

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