Three most anticipated books of 2021!

(for me personally)


1. Yuri Herrera “Signs that will precede the end of the world”

Yuri Herrera is an author, popular and recognized in his homeland – in Mexico, his works have been translated into many languages ​​and published in the United States and Europe. The main creative rule of the writer is to talk about the complex in different registers, but the Ukrainian reader, unfortunately, has not yet dealt with his books. The author has a restrained style, but one that seems to encourage the reader to fill with their own emotions and experiences the story revealed in the book.

In his works, the writer touches on the most pressing and important issues for Mexico: violence, drug trafficking, poverty. However, the main thing for him is the process of narration, because it gives the opportunity to interpret reality, criticizing certain phenomena.

2. Yuriy Andrukhovych “Radio Night”

Formally, the creative work of Yuri Andrukhovych can be divided into two areas: poetry and prose. And now the connoisseurs of his work had the opportunity to enjoy a brand-new novel by the author of “Radio Night.”

The protagonist of the work is a night radio host who always broadcasts sad songs and tells the story of radio stations called “Sadness.”

According to the annotation of the book, “like reality”, another revolution was defeated. Probably because she lost her mysterious leader. Joseph Rothskyi, the musical hero of the barricades, is forced to flee somewhere, trying on the fate of many other Josephs. He is being persecuted, and the regime’s special services are only half the trouble. There is still inappropriate love that cannot be mastered, and banking secrecy that cannot be dealt with. Prison experience and involuntarily successful terrorist attack. As well as reason and oblivion, laughter and darkness, cold and hell, irony and shame. The last hiding place, where it is allowed to conduct night broadcast. Is it really the last one?

3. Charlotte Bronte “Jane Eyre” (in Ukrainian translation: Dmytro Shcherbyna, from Nebo Booklab Publishing)

“Jane Eyre” is still considered a symbol of human strength and the desire for a better life. The book contains elements of democracy, women’s struggle for their dignity and their rights. That is why high-quality translation into Ukrainian is very much expected.

Also, in 2021 we will read new novels by Iren Rozdobudko, Yuriy Vynnychuk, Maryna Hrymych, books by Bohdan Kolomiychuk, Illarion Pavliuk, Natalka Snyadanko, Iryna Savka and others. And Taras Prohasko decided to publish old texts under the title “Бо є так” (there was already “БоТакЄ”).

As for foreign literature, readers can expect new works by Ernest Hemingway, Terry Pratchett, Milan Kundera, Joel Dicker, Kazuo Ishiguro and others.

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