Three Pigs

(derailed fairy tale)

The three little pigs are brothers. They are heading into the forest. They want to build three houses.

“Let’s build our homes here.”

The first one wants to build a house out of straw. The second – out of wood and the third– out of brick.

“Wait, it’s like in that fairy tale. Let’s not repeat that story. Let’s join our efforts and build one solid house for all of us.

The first pig makes brick walls, “That is the strongest wall in the world!” The second one fixes a wooden roof, “It will never leak!” And the third covers the floor with straw, “The wall will be warm!”

“We have a cozy house! Good job!” They yell out together.

But suddenly a wolf comes out of the dark wood and says, “Well done, but I’m not a fool either, I prepared in advance.”

The wolf takes a pickaxe and breaks the wall, but the pigs manage to escape.

“Oh, that wolf. He ruined everything.”

“But why did he do that?”

“Maybe he just didn’t have his own home?”

The pigs look at their house from afar and see that the wolf now lives there. “Well, let him live there, let’s go to build a new house away from him.”

Meanwhile, the wolf thinks, “This is, of course, cool, but how do I fix this hole in the wall now?”

The end.

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