About the harm of sugar, they shout everywhere. If you don`t want to forget about sugar, insulin pills, and validolum lozenges, are waiting for you in the nearest pharmacy! Dentists are rubbing their hands too, they are in the game! Sugar-struck teeth – that is their bread and butter!

Refined sugar is causing serious damage to the health and wellbeing of millions of people. Heart diseases, excess weight, rotten teeth, and many other problems, all of them are connected to sugar. Nevertheless, people love sugar, because it is tasty. It is appetizing and addictive – the only reason to adore sugar. Also, addictive is the reason to cast it away. I challenge you to do it right now. Below there are three tips about how to live without sugar and keep your life sweet.

  1. Eat more fruits.

Firstly, you should eat as much fruit as you want. Nevertheless, it is better to over-eat bananas or peaches than to break down on bonbon buns. In time, you should reduce fruit to 400 grams per day. A fruit bowl is a healthy dessert that is easy to cook or find in a cafe.  Instead of sweet bagels, cakes and chocolate choose natural dried fruits. Dried fruits have more calories than fresh fruits. Eat them regularly and your figure will be fit as a fiddle.

  1. Pack lunch.

When we get hungry our organism feels stress. Typically, feeling famished, we go the usual way and choose junk food in the nearest fast food by the force of habit.  At such times, it’s hard to keep fit. If you don`t want to start a new diet over and over again, think about snacks beforehand. You can prepare a lunchbox or buy something in a supermarket… think about it. Be aware. Take sandwiches, hummus, nuts, fruits, salads or other food. There are many recipes on the Internet. You will be sure of the composition, quality, and benefits of what you eat. You will have a thankful body and a happy mind.

  1. Use natural sweeteners.

Sometimes recipe (or stomach) requires a sweetener. Agave syrup, stevia, maple, and other sweeteners perfectly replace sugar. They are tasty, flavored and also healthy! For example, maple syrup contains calcium, potassium, iron, B2, B5, B6, and niacin. The main thing is to read the composition! Manufacturers can add a flavoring matter, dye or sugar to enhance the taste. Make a habit to read products compositions. Take time to read the labels. The inscriptions “Eco”, “Sugar-Free”, “Bio” are basically just beautiful phrases to attract attention.

Gradually, your taste buds will change significantly. Something that tastes unleavened today will sparkle with a real palette of flavors tomorrow.  Follow these tips and you will have immediate outcome. Take care of yourself and forget about sugar. So, if you don`t want to do it, insulin and validolum are around the corner in a sparkling chemist`s shop! Don`t forget about dentists, their life without your sweety-rotty teeth is just impossible!

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