Time Flies…


In childhood, when we are still quite children, it seems to us that time passes slowly and we want to become adults faster. But only when we really start to grow up, we understand that time flies.

When I was at school, it seemed to me that it would never end. I snowed under with my homework, preparing for exams racing against the clock and it seemed to me that I could have fun once in a blue moon! Now I understand that it was a lightning-fast period of my life, which I can only remember.

Later I went to study at University, and time flew even faster. I combined full-time study and part-time work. Now I understand that my student years passed in the blink of an eye.

Now I wake up with the crack of down. I am busy as a bee and work hard every day; it’s not a gravy train for me, but now I set aside time to be with my family, shoot the breeze with me friends, do what I love, just slowly make coffee on Saturday morning and I am on cloud nine! We really should value our time and not dwell on the past!

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