Тips for a Business Conversation. How to Conquer Everyone


Every businessman, leader, manager has to constantly interact with people and be able to make a positive impression on them. This requires developing communication skills.

When negotiating and speaking at conferences, it is important to follow your style of speech, harmoniously change intonation, and express confidence in your words with your whole appearance.

Even before the start of a business conversation, figure out who your interlocutors are, what you will talk about, what you will show off, decide on the purpose of the dialogue, what you want to get in the end. Was the preparation successful? Fine! Now is the time to think about the tactics in place for a successful business conversation.

What do you need to keep in mind in a business conversation?

  • When tuning in to a business conversation, keep in mind that most of all from the whole speech people will remember its introduction and conclusion. Accordingly, the topic of the conversation should be identified as clearly as possible, and the conclusions should be made clear and meaningful.
  • After asking the interlocutor a question, do not interrupt him, but wait for the person to express the thought to the end. This will help you understand him or her better, show respect and grab his or her attention in the future.
  • Excessive excitement hinders you from conducting a business conversation, right? Then before the conversation starts, distract yourself by going out for a smoke break, or use a chewing gum. Finally, think about the good and positive outcome of the conversation.
  • Business conversation doesn’t have to be boring. Add a little humor to it to win over the people you are talking to. The humor from your own experience is the best.
  • People are most impressed by the facts. They are followed by considerations, opinions and statements in terms of the strength of persuasion. By wisely selecting the facts and operating them, you will build the most convincing speech.
  • Like a normal everyday conversation, a business conversation can be accompanied by gestures. Consider only that they should be natural and moderately emotional. No need to frantically wave your arms trying to explain something. Gestures should be calm and measured. If you want to present some information visually, prepare diagrams and graphs in advance that you will demonstrate at the meeting.
  • When conducting a business conversation, do not forget to use simple psychological techniques to win over the interlocutors. One of them is the method of posture reflection. It works simply: if your counterpart, sitting on a chair, crosses his legs, do the same. On a subconscious level, this will increase the person’s disposition towards you and create a comfortable environment for a dialogue.

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