Tips for Successful Job Interview

(Don`t flirt a lot!)

The interview is the final stage of the job search. If you have chosen a vacancy and decided to go for an interview, you will definitely need some recommendations.

You can arrange an interview by e-mail or phone. In the first case, you send a letter with a request to consider your resume for the specified position in the attachment. If the resume is of interest to the Employer, they will send you an answer with the date and time of the interview.

In the second case, if you agree by phone, the time is appointed through the secretary or through the recruitment department of the potential employer. You can combine both options by offering in a letter to a potential employer the time of your call for a short telephone interview, and the appointment time of the meeting.

Of course, you need to prepare for the interview. The chances of success will increase if you learn as much as possible about the company-employer: use the Internet, business magazines.

Think about the answers to the standard questions for the interview, what experience gained in the work process can be valuable for the company, what interesting qualities for the employer you have.

Follow the office dress code. A strict business suit for both men and women will be suitable for the interview. Before the interview, you should ask your employer what style of clothing is appropriate. Your appearance should be neat.

Do not come for an interview with your parents or friends. Bosses dislike mewling mama`s boys and whining girly girls.

Bring documents that will help your self-presentation: a photo, identity document, diploma, characteristics, structured, well-designed portfolio, letters of recommendation, diplomas, and certificates.

Do not be late and do not have to wait for someone to interview you.

Give the interlocutor the opportunity to approach issues that interest him, but do not hesitate to ask questions about future work. Questions from the applicant about career opportunities make it clear about the readiness for professional development and lack of interest in temporary employment.

Be polite. Don’t flirt a lot with a person who interviews you. Measure should be in everything. In the majority of companies office romances are prohibited. Do not get engaged deeply in the discussion of questions asked by your interlocutor. No matter what mood you leave the employer’s office, do not show your emotions. Before leaving, you can exchange a handshake with the interlocutor. Thank you for your time and interest. Smile. After a while, write a letter of thanks to your interviewer for the interview. This will help the interlocutor to remember you better.

Do not interrupt. First listen to the question – and then answer. Do not try to set the tone in communication. The conversation is conducted by the employer. This does not mean that you can`t take the initiative and talk about an important episode of your career, but you need to wait for a pause and explain why this episode is significant.

Be calm and confident. Leave personal problems outside the company. To get a job, you need to give the impression of a person optimistic and confident.

During the conversation, be as polite as possible, familiarity is absolutely unacceptable.

But to show a good sense of humor will be quite appropriate. The joke about a laptop taken from a table of an interviewing manager, and brought out of the building, and sold him back for $100 could be…uhm…quite funny.

Saying goodbye, reiterate that you are very happy to meet you. Find out if you can call after a while and inquire if the employer offers another action plan.

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