To Believe or Not To Believe

Christmas Story

When I was 8 years old, I wanted to get a new phone for the New Year. I told my parents a lot about it, so I was almost sure that I would be with a new phone next year. I couldn’t wait to see if my parents had bought something for me so far.

So after school, I started looking for presents all over the apartment. It was like a Christmas game. And at one moment I puzzled out where they could hide it. I knew that it should be a place that was difficult to reach. After almost an hour of searching, I found it. My present was behind the table in the parents’ room, and I realized that it was a new phone about which I had kept bugging so much. I was full of happiness but at night I started thinking about how it was possible. There were 10 days until the New Year Eve but my present was here at my house.

It was so hard to accept it but I did it. There was no Santa and my presents were always from my Mom and Dad. After this, I wondered if my parents would continue to play their Christmas roles. And of course, it happened. We went to celebrate the New Year to our friends in Vinnitsa, so we were traveling by train. And at one moment my Mom said, “Look,  Santa has just brought you the present. Can`t you see it?” All I can do is to say, “Yeah, Mom.” After this, all Christmas and New Year Eves lost their magic for me.

P.S. However, now the situation changed a bit. While listening to such a song as ‘Last Christmas’ my eyes start sparkling and I am getting sure that Christmas magic still exists. Especially it happens after the words, “Last Christmas I gave you my heart. But the very next day you gave it away…”

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