To get ducks in a row

Many people do not think about how important it is to properly sort the food in the fridge. Effective arrangement not only pleases your vision, but also preserves the shelf life of the food.

The top shelf is designed to store dairy products, open jars of homemade pickles and jams, cold cuts, etc. The shelf life of such products is from 3 to 7 days.

The middle shelves should be occupied by ready-to-eat poultry, meat and fish dishes, all kinds of sausages, soups, and salads, and eggs. Their shelf life should not exceed 7 days.

The lower shelves are better for stuffing, fresh fish, storage containers for fruits and vegetables. Their shelf life varies from 1.5 to 2 days. By the way, fruits and vegetables must be stored separately.

Sauces, all kinds of drinks (except dairy), butter, and margarine are well placed on the door.

Many people store eggs on the door, but this is not desirable. the constant temperature keeps them from spoiling, and opening and closing the door disturbs their microclimate.

The freezer is also subject to proper separation. The top shelf is best for frozen berries, fruit, seafood, and mushrooms. The middle shelves are suitable for semi-finished products and homemade dumplings. The bottom shelf is for meat, poultry, and ice cream.

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