To Grow Up or Not To Grow Up

Growing up is a natural change that sooner or later happens to all people. I think that the adulthood of a person is determined not so much by his age, as by the ability to take responsibility for the committed actions to analyze them and correct them. Therefore, it is very important to stop hoping that others will solve your problems and do it yourself.

The period of entry into adulthood occurs at all at different times. Someone may even grow up earlier if, for example, he or she lives in a large family and he or she has to fulfill a part of his or her mother’s duties and look after younger brothers or sisters. Well, someone can be in a child’s condition for a long time, especially if those around him encourage such behavior. How many kidults are idling hilariously among us!

On the one hand, there is no point in being mature if you can`t be kidding sometimes. On the other hand, there is no point to be kidding, if you can`t be mature. 

I think that important periods of growing up are also the first job and the appearance of children. In the first case, a person gets the opportunity to independently meet their needs, which is very important. And in the second, he or she learns to be responsible not only for himself or herself, but also for someone else.

Of course, no matter what the parents say, it is still very difficult to call us real adults, since the difficulties of independent living are just waiting for us. But in order to meet all these tests with honor, not to run away from problems and not to give up in the event of any difficulties, it is necessary to begin preparations already now.

And I also think that adulthood is manifested in independence. The more you can achieve and do yourself, the more mature you are. And parents, saying that you are an adult, mean that you can do something yourself. What is independence? It would seem that the answer lies on the surface, but we all understand it a little differently. In the first place, this is an action that a person performs himself, without a hint and the help of others; secondly, independence from the opinions of others, freedom of expression of their feelings, creativity; thirdly, the ability to set such tasks that no one has set before you and solve them yourself.

The task of adults is to form their inner world, life values, the ability to make the right decisions in difficult situations; a serious attitude to life begins with a conscious decision to take responsibility. The responsible person is the one who controls himself and his behavior. Therefore, each of you must learn to answer for their actions, deeds, behavior. Everyone should become an independent person, able to make decisions, take responsibility for their actions, make conscious choices and build their lives. Adulthood implies life planning – subordination to a clear plan, concern for the future, thinking through the consequences of your decisions. Therefore, to become an adult means to clearly control your life, to dispose of all gaffes and peccadilloes that spoil your life, to live not only for today but also to think about the future. The overcoming of difficulties is maturing. So, I guess that instead of trying to get taller and flashy, tougher and dashy, it is better to get mindfully mature.

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