Tomorrow’s Publishing Business

(opinion article)

Somebody will say that there is no “tomorrow” in publishing due to the rapid development of new technologies. Publishers barely make ends meet, profits from publications are really similar chicken feed, and in general who needs these books? My dear, don’t be so stroppy! I want to say that the publishing business has both “tomorrow,” and “the day after tomorrow,” and publishers can turn into happy campers!

The fact is that the publishing business is not a botched job. We should have the best of both worlds: businessman’s prudence and creative vision. You do not need to think about the fool’s paradise, but you should maintain endurance through thick and thin. However, the most important factor in running a publishing business is the monitoring of current trends and readers’ inquiries.

For example, we can take such a trend as a digital direction in publishing. More and more readers are switching to e-books, this format allows you to express a multimedia text with video and audio information. For example, you can create fairy tales for children in the form of mobile games or add interactive elements to fiction. In addition, a digital subscription to publishing content will be bread and butter of publishers in future.

Speaking of digital publishing, it is worth mentioning the relevance of visual content. Short animated videos, moving charts, interactive spreadsheets, presentations are things you can’t do without if you want your publishing business to be successful and profitable. Also in the tomorrow’s publishing business, a separate niche belongs to voice content, which is a part of the strategy of digital publishing. For example, publishing podcasts are gaining popularity and are the great way to monetize.

I can write a lot about tomorrow’s publishing business, but it is worth noting that publishing business of the future should not be fuddy-duddy. Publishers of the future will look for new ways to publish and monetize so as not to lose readers. In any case, the publishing business will not disappear, and publishers will have deep pockets. This business niche is still profitable and maybe you will prove it! Let’s start!

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