Too Much Is Bad Too

It happens to everyone. You live your daily mundane life, and then in one moment you fall in love. Desperately. Up to ears. You feel that it has never happened before. I fell in love with this dress. It was so beautiful, so unbelievable, so DIVALICIOUS!

I immediately realized that it was mine. True, in the dressing room it turned out to be not my size, but when did it stop the girls? I bought it with shaking hands and promised to lose the extra weight, according to my size. I jogged, worked out, and kept on diet.

Sometimes I even forgot about the goal. And when the time came to put on my purchase, it turned out that I tried not too hard.

Surprisingly, I was not very upset, and the fashion whip had to be given to my female friend. Now, it is her turn to jog, work out and keep on diet…

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