Top 10 Interview Mistakes

“If opportunity does not knock, build a door”

Interviewing is a very important moment in the life of young urban and rural specialists. It depends on how you pass the interview whether they will take you to the desired job. Therefore, let us talk about ten mistakes that cannot be made at interviews.

  1. You can’t talk badly about a previous job. Remember a simple axiom: they say either good or nothing about past work, former boss and colleagues. If you say that the work was boring and unloving, the interviewer can assume that this vacancy will become boring and unloving for you over time.
  2. No need to be the first to ask a question about money. Try to postpone the wage issue until the potential employer picks it up. Otherwise, he may think that you are not interested in anything other than a salary.
  3. No need to talk about your problems. Don’t say that you really need work, that you are in need, etc. Not a word about your problems!
  4. In no case you should give the answer, “It was indicated in the summary. Such an answer sounds very rude. Most likely, the interviewer perfectly remembers what was indicated in the resume, but for some reason wants to hear the answer to the question directly from you. So just repeat what you wrote about in your CV.
  5. No need to give employer advice. Have you carefully studied the activities of the company and decided to brag to the interviewer that you found any mistakes? Keep your recommendations to yourself for a while: you will be able to make rational offers after you are hired. Not all interviewers have a normal attitude to criticism of the company at the interview.
  6. No need to ask to finish quickly. Allow enough time for an interview. A potential employer is not required to adapt to you, so do not ask when the interview will end and do not ask to finish it soon.
  7. No need to touch on issues of religion, politics, other personal topics. Leave a discussion of the actions of politicians and their religious views for friendly gatherings. At the interview, do not touch personal views and those that are not related to work.
  8. You can’t lie. Honesty is the best policy. At the interview it’s pointless to lie about yourself: the interviewer will always be able to find the information he needs at the previous place of your work or even simply on the Internet because the pages on social networks give out our real outlook on life. One of the most common mistakes is to lie about your hobbies. This is often caught by applicants. If you declare that you like to read, be prepared to answer questions about literature, otherwise, you will definitely not get the position.
  9. Never be late. If you are late even for an interview, then most likely you won’t appear on time, no one needs irresponsible workers. If you are late for a very good reason, be sure to call the interviewer, warn him about this and apologize. Everyone has force majeure circumstances, so they will forgive you. As K.J.Fowler once remarked, “Ariving late is a way of saying that your own time is more valuable than the time of the person who waited for you. ”
  10. No need to sit in uncertain or overly closed poses. Most interviewers are familiar with sign language, so watch out for not only what you say but also how you sit and move. An incorrectly chosen posture will give out your insecurity or annoyance, which, of course, will be taken into account by the interviewer. An overly relaxed posture is also “contraindicated”, try to stay straight and calm.

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