TOP-10 Tips To Make Quarantine Fascinating!

In connection with the coronavirus, a lot of free time suddenly appeared for us. When you constantly live in a certain rhythm of life, it is a bit difficult to change the usual order and get used to it. I think that quarantine is a wonderful possibility to spend time not only with a benefit but in pleasure too. I offer you 10 tips that will “decorate” Your quarantine:

  1. Self-perfection. On the Internet, it is possible to find a great number of courses, video and audio lessons on the smorgasbord of subjects. For example, the resource of Сoursera (project in the field of education from Stanford University) presents hundreds of courses free of charge in a time of quarantine.
  2. Reading. Storytel website “opened” for readers its huge online-libraries. For users, Storytel will give access to 50 thousand books. It is planned to keep open till the end of the coronavirus epidemic.
  3. Home cinema. A “Cinemasearch” that fully can be compared to Netflix declared that free access would operate to the end of April 2020. Except for the subscription on films and serials, users have already got free access to other services. .
  4. Cooking. To try something new is always sick and swell, especially, if you want to perfect your skills in cooking and make your folks and buddies happy. It is better that to die from boredom or self-isolation.
  5. Take up a clothing-room. Another useful and not requiring investments employment after that can enthrall you for hours is the thorough analysis of your clothing-room. If you have not sorted out your clothes for a long time, go there and put all your clobber fits, I mean fashion garms, on thematic heaps. For example, to “to keep to yourself”, “to sell”, “to give on charity.” Maybe, at long last, time came to sew down the failing buttons and to stitch some slight holes in your pockets. Another pleasant method to spend time with a clothing – to make original pret-a-porter sets from your daily clothes mixed with the clothes of your Seesta, Mom or even Gigi. Don`t be afraid to turn into a diva-licious fashionista.
  6. Try on-line-training. The illnesses related to the assiduous way of life present an invisible epidemic. Though trotting ten thousand steps in your apartment is not so easy, you should avoid idling, lying and just sitting. Put on headphones, switch on Youtube, arrange competition challenges with on-line buddies, and the ball will start rolling.
  7. Analyze spending. Sooner or later, the absence of the money-check-system can play a wicked joke with you. The idea of the introduction of financial discipline is a good idea. So, dear students, be reasonable and don`t deviate from the chosen course.
  8. Try meditation. Quarantine can become a good possibility to shut up, at long last, to keep silence and to start meditating. It is possible to do it independently or with an appendix for the directed meditation (guided meditation). It is necessary to lie down on your back, close your eyes, relax and concentrate on the different parts of your body, sliding your attention from your head top to the tiptoes manicure.
  9. Do home SPA procedures. SPA services are not cheap. Besides, in this period of time, all salons are closed and you are supposed to look at your cracking manicure, and shaggy hair with deep despair. Don`t get disappointed, it is high time for your ingenuity and creativity. Surf the net and find the recipes of natural face masks and body gimmicks, take a bath with different oils and invent something new and pleasant.
  10. Write down a list of your deeds and thoughts every evening, for what you are thankful for today. Develop this habit and be glad every day!

Have a nice quarantine!

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