Top 5 Business-ideas in Ukraine – 2021


5. Eco-Products
A lot of modern people are interested in the ecological situation in the world. The biggest brands popularize eco-defense organizations and events and modern people are often vegetarians or those who chose bags-shoppers instead of one-time using packets. So, ecological products belong to one of the biggest trends of our time. Bags-shoppers, eco-friendly clothes, cosmetics and food will find their buyer.

4. Copyright – agency
Copyright is one of Internet-based jobs that became popular after 2020, when people understood that they could work at home. Copyrighters have to write PR-texts with SEO-optimization. But if you open a copyright-agency, you will not become a copyrighter. Your goal is to find copyrighters that will work for you. After that you should find clients for them and have a managers percent from deals of copyrighters and their clients. Its good, because you can launch this business without any big startup capital, but you must have good communication skills.

3. Phone – service/shop
In the modern world, people very often use electro-gadgets: computers, consoles and especially, mobile phones. Logically, that a lot of young as well as senior people often use phones and they often get slow-witted. You can help people with this issue. Yes, you may not open big service, but you can find a master who can tune in various contemporary devices and solve various bugs with them. You also can sale such products as protect glasses, chargers, headphones, cases, etc.

2. Montage and processing or photos and videos
If a photographer and a cameraman are not very profitable now, because a lot of people have high-quality cameras on their phones, good montage and processing skills are in great demand. The life of people is full of bright moments: weddings, birthday celebrations, trips, etc. Often they want that these memories stay brighter with the tip-top montage and processing. Even if you don’t have pro-skills, you can find your client, but you must make reasonable prices for your services.

1. Online skills-school
Sometimes, we think that we live in time of everlasting quarantines and lockdowns, because we stay at home for a lot of time. Who of us does not try to get new skills at this time? New languages, cutting-edge software, and physical development: a lot of people are interested in it and if you can launch a project uniting students and teachers for your e-school – you can get a good profit.

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