Top-5 Features of the New Year Table


It doesn’t matter how bad the year has gone, as long as you can cheerfully celebrate its passing! So can the New Year be without a table sagging from the smorgasbord of delicious dishes presented by the owners? Definitely no! You can close your eyes so that it shouldn’t scatter on all this yummy. The main things are the well-working mouth and the stomach, large enough for this night. I would like to draw your attention to the top 5 of what is sure to be on the New Year table in Ukraine.

French meat. Remember all the surprises of 2020 and start beating meat. Grease a baking sheet with oil and add the beaten meat. Sprinkle the salt and pepper. Then smear it with mayonnaise, and if you have a special dislike for it, you can use any other sauce. After that rub the cheese and sprinkle the meat like Salt Bae.

Baked mackerel. Wash and gut this beauty thoroughly. It is the situation when inside is not important for us because we will make its filling ourselves. Sprinkle salt with seasoning and for the most delicious kisses stuff the onion inside. Then make cuts on the fish and put lemon wedges in them. Wrap it in foil and set directly into your oven.

Champagne. The recipe for pleasure is as easy as shelling pears. Choose the most delicious champagne that everyone will definitely like except one who doesn’t drink. Shake it as if your entire next year depends on it. Wait for the cork to fly straight into the chandelier or someone’s eye. Yell out joyfully and start pouring champagne into wine glasses, enjoying the 2020 departure.

Sandwiches with fish or caviar. Take a long baguette and cut it so that the crumbs cover the entire table and you have even more cleaning before the holiday. Diligently grease butter and put a spoon of caviar or a piece of fish. Once a year, you can’t be stingy and spread caviar or fish over the whole baguette.

Olivier salad. We collect all the charm that only a grocery store can offer us. Potatoes, carrots, meat or sausage, onions, peas, salt, mayonnaise, pickled cucumber, fresh cucumber, eggs. What am I telling you? Everyone already knows by heart the ingredients for a successful celebration.

How you celebrate the New Year that way you will spend it. So smile 2021 not with bread and salt, but with Olivier, meat, sandwiches, champagne, fish and a bunch of other goodies.

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