Top 5 New Year’s Movies


A Bad Moms Christmas (2017)

If you’re looking for a lighthearted Christmas comedy, this is just the movie you need. Very Bad Moms are three friends who fade into ordinary life and decide to go on a complete break from the worries of home. The second part will talk about the pre-holiday hustle and bustle and family values. The main characters will be visited by their mothers, who are just eager to teach them about life. How this turmoil ends, see the second part of the comedy.

Home alone (1990)

This is probably the most popular New Year’s Eve-themed movie. I don’t know if there’s any point in telling the plot, since everyone knows it by heart. But in short, this comedy is about little Kevin, who was forgotten at home by his parents while being late and going to the airport in the turmoil. The boy will have to defend his own home from burglars who have paid him a visit. What will happen with and will Kevin be able to cope? Watch the first part of the movie.

Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath (1975)

A popular Soviet film about the curious adventure of a doctor who, after a bath, finds himself in a completely different city and a different apartment. The doctor, Evgeny Lukashin, looking forward to the New Year in the company of his bride, goes with his friends to take a steam bath. The guys, of course, got drunk. One of them, Pasha, has to go on a business trip to Leningrad, but instead of him they accidentally put Zhenya on a plane. Half-asleep, he rushes from the airport in a cab to his home address, opens his apartment, goes to sleep, but instead of Galya he is awakened by a young stranger, wanting to know what he is doing in her apartment.

The Holiday (2006)

Nancy Myers is the queen of hygge, and this Christmas romantic comedy is perhaps her warmest and coziest film. Two women, one from London (Kate Winslet) and the other from Los Angeles (Cameron Diaz), are simultaneously experiencing love frustrations. Deciding to switch homes for the Christmas holidays and get away from their problems, both soon meet a new love.

Daddy’s Home 2 (2017)

Several years ago Dusty left his family, but one day he decided to get it back. But it turned out to be very difficult, because his children fell in love with their stepfather, Brad. A real war broke out between the men, but eventually they made a truce and continued to take care of their beloved children together. Now they decide to work together to prepare the perfect Christmas party for them. Except the dads couldn’t imagine that their hard-won neutrality would be threatened when their grandfathers, who are as different as their fathers, come to visit their grandchildren. Now the family holiday is in jeopardy.

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