TOP-5 places for visiting in Georgia

“Let`s drink so that our desires will always coincide with our opportunities!”
(A Georgian toast)

Georgia is a special country. It attracts the tourist’s eyes: those who are keen on beach vacations and those who like sightseeing tours, and those who fully devote themselves to outdoor activities. If we compare the prices for holidays in Georgia with other countries, we will be shocked in a pleasant way that this is the most affordable one. And if you also take into account that here you can combine all types of recreation at once, then you can understand that a trip to this beautiful country is simply necessary! In order to encourage you in visiting this absolutely distinctive country, I have made the TOP-5 places  in Georgia to visit: a trip to all the sights opens up this hospitable country from a completely different side!

Mtskheta and Tbilisi. The first and current capital of Georgia.

Mtskheta is rightfully considered the heart of Georgian. Of course, it cannot be compared with modern Tbilisi, but Mtskheta is original and organic. Now the city is perceived as a large village. The feeling of a deep province remained here. It is better to go here after visiting Tbilisi – to compare how much the two capitals differ: the modern urban style of Tbilisi and Mtskheta, which lost in the past. We love Mtskheta for its small and cozy city blocks, for the monuments of the past – the Samtavro monastery complex, the Jvari monastery church, Svetitskhoveli cathedral, and the Bebritsikhe fortress. The city itself is not too big and, in fact, you can get around it in a few hours. But this does not mean that it can be excluded from the list of places to visit – here, at the confluence of the Kura and Aragvi, the spirit of Georgia is fully felt. Tbilisi is a city in which old quarters with winding streets climbing up the mountain. This city is especially adorable in the evening when colorful lights come on and pedestrian streets are flooded with vacationers.

David Gareja Monastery:

If you are planning a vacation to Georgia, you have to include the David Gareja Monastery in the list of places to visit. In fact, this is not one monastery, but a whole complex, stretching for a couple of tens of kilometers along the border of Georgia with Azerbaijan. The construction of the monastery dates back to the 6th century and today it is a must-see tourist attraction This place is considered sacred. Today it is just a sightseeing place, but most travelers often stay here overnight in tents for the sake of the clean and healing air of the desert and the indescribable beauty of the scenery.

Kakheti – region of mountains and wines:

Nowadays the tourist center of Kakheti is Sighnaghi – a fortified city built on one of the high hills of the Alazani Valley. Sighnaghi is also called the city of love, however, there is no exact version for what reason it was called so. Here are the most popular versions of why Sighnaghi was given such a name: ordinary and romantic. According to the first version, the city received this name because of the round-the-clock wedding palace, where you can register a marriage without first submitting documents. Kakheti is a center of wine tourism. There is a lot of wine in Kakheti, and it is all good. To come here and not to taste several varieties of real Georgian wine is to make a big mistake. And you should definitely visit the Kindzmarauli winery, where every tourist is told everything about the secrets of Kakheti wines and the technology of their production.

Borjomi – the most famous city:

Borjomi is one of the most famous medical resorts where people come from all over the world to improve their health, look at their beauties and, of course, drink plenty of the most delicious mineral water. There are outdoor thermal pools – where you can swim or sit in a sulfuric hot bath, simultaneously strengthening our health. And do not forget about the kilometers of pine forests and pleasant park paths that you can walk along without getting tired!

Georgian Switzerland. Racha Province:

In fact, the province of Racha is sometimes called Georgian Switzerland. To get here, you must overcome the mountain ranges that surround this magical place from all sides. You can enjoy walking along the Rachin mountains, which are very popular in Georgia, but for some reason are not too famous outside its borders. But there are still many diverse attractions. For example, you can see the picturesque Shaori reservoir, the Nikortsmindu church with exquisite wall decoration, the temple of the Virgin of Barakoni. By the way, the Racha province is the only place in Western Georgia where wine tours are organized. And since we still look here, at the same time, we visit the winery in Ambrolauri, the homeland of the well-known Khvanchkara, original and not like other Georgian wines.

As they say in Georgia, “If you start and end with a smile, you drink a good Georgian wine!”

March 4, 2020

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