TOP-5 places in Kyiv worth visiting for Christmas

On the holiday weekend you can watch a retro train, skate, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of folk festivals and learn the secrets of old Kyiv.

Railway station
This year it is one of the most unexpected Christmas locations. It would seem that there may be a holiday at the largest transport hub in the country, right? But on January 7, there will be a holiday “Miracle Train.” This is a brightly colored retro steam locomotive, where you can take pictures with the whole family. You can also make a mini-tour.

Festive town at the ENEA
The festive geo-location “Winter Country” continues to work there. Suitable for family vacations. The skating rink with an area of 2000 square meters is at the service of young visitors and their parents. You can also have fun on the rides, visit the residence of Santa, go on a tour, and buy Christmas presents.

Pirogovo Open-Air Museum
The organizers have prepared a festive program for visitors in the fresh air. Competitions, performances of groups, a nativity scene are planned. Guests are invited to listen to carols. Everyone can turn their own family into a Christmas star, with which they can take part in the competition and win funny prizes. If it snows on January 7, the organizers promise sleigh rides, winter snowfields and a competition for snowmen.

Kyivska Rus Park
Visitors are offered a show program “Christmas in Ancient Kyiv.” A theatrical performance will take place on the main square. There will also be an equestrian stunt theater. Parents with children will be able to visit the New Year’s Main Residence, where kids will leave letters with Christmas wishes. You can have fun riding horses and carriages or sledges, practicing archery in a medieval shooting range, transforming into the inhabitants of ancient Kyiv, wearing historic costumes. A win-win lottery of gift certificates awaits all guests.

Winter Tour “Christmas Stories”
The Christmas tour of old Kyiv, during which you can see and visit the Church of the Nativity of Christ, the Kyiv Jam Factory, the Sagaidachny Monument, the Monastery of St. Catherine, the Church of St. Elijah, the Church of St. Nicholas Naberezhny. The organizers promise carols and divination, as well as honey treats. Those interested can learn how the famous ‘Kyiv jam’ is made.

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