TOP 5 Stockholm Attractions

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In spite of the coronavirus outbreak, decreasing and quite low in Sweden, by the way, why can`t we think about our summer vacations?
Between the lake and the sea on 14 inspiring islands, there is an amazing city called Stockholm. The touristic places in this Venice of the North look like one fabulous fairy tale — gingerbread houses, bright colors, beautiful architecture. The city that stands at the crossroads of time where ancient traditions intertwine with modernity.

Stockholm metro

Though it sounds odd, the first thing to visit in Stockholm is the subway. Vikings` spirit mixed with the Gothic style forms something special, salient and striking. Some stations are literally works of art. When the metro was built, instead of leveling the walls and laying ordinary tiles, local masters decided to decorate them with ancient cave paintings. Each station is made in its own style. So, it is not surprising that the world`s most beautiful metro station is T-Centralen in Stolkholm.

Drottningholm Castle

Thinking where to go in Stockholm? Drottningholm Castle is also called Versailles in miniature, and it is well preserved. Queen’s Island is the former residence of the Swedish monarchs. Inside there is a rich interior, there is its own theater and you can even see the tapestry woven by Gustav V. Outside there is a lake, manicured parks, sculptures, and fountains. The castle has been on the UNESCO List since 1991.

It is a part of the Swedish Solar System project. Its essence is that spherical objects are located throughout Sweden, symbolizing the planets of the solar system. Globen Arena is the Sun.

Stockholm City Hall

You should definitely see the symbol of Stockholm, an old building and just a place where you can see the capital of Sweden at a glance – the Stockholm City Hall. You should certainly go there at least once in your life.

Museum “Vasa”

What to do in Stockholm? Museum of one exhibit. But what – a three-meter mast sailboat. This is perhaps the most famous ship in Sweden.

The ship has survived since 1628. It is saturated with a special solution against decay, and the museum maintains twilight so that the tree does not collapse.

Gamla stan

Gamla Stan is the island from where the city began. It is there you should start your Swedish tour. Here you can find narrow streets paved with paving stones, beautiful bizarre houses, photographs of which they like to glue on magnets and postcards. You should definitely go here in Stockholm.

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