Top 5 Things Can Make You Happy If You Are Upset

Sometimes we feel upset, low-down, and low-spirited…We  want to do nothing, to get on the ground, to put hands on your nape, and to forget about everything… I have a few tips how to break through such desperate moments.

#1​ Walk with your close friends or folks somewhere outdoors. It could be a green park, night streets or even some exotic place. The walk is always helpful for you.  Fresh air will give you strength and improve your health.  A nice company will cheer you up and add some nice memories.

#2​ Sweets

Do you like any sweets? If you said “no”, you are just a fibber or a fabulist. Everyone one likes candies. Scientists have proved that sweets help to cheer you up even if you a desperate down in the dumps dupe.  So if you are sad, you can eat something sweet and relax at your TV set. I want to share with my own experience.  I need  a bucket with ice cream, a warm blanket and a magnificent melodrama movie. The bad mood will disappear in a few moments. Especially if the main hero looks smart and romantic…

#3​ Healthy dream

“Go to sleep and all will become good,” my Mom said when I was a child. My dear readers, It works. Santa simplicita. It really works. Good sleep at night means good mood by day. So, you are not supposed to invent a bicycle, being upset just go to bed.

#4​ Your lovely business or hobby.

Hobbies need you for relaxation. Favorite business needs you to give confidence and peace.

#5​ Music

In my mind, music can make your mood. I noticed that when I listened to fancy music I felt happy. And when sad music sounded in my headphones all around me got somber. I advise you to listen to just cheerful or classic music and you will be happy and schmappy, chirpy and perky, holy and jolly!

I hope my tips will be useful for you and you will be tickled pink.

P.S. I forgot the main thing. Smile, tomorrow it will be worse…Oh, no, I meant different…Smile to the world and the world will smile to you.

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