Top 5 things to do: Chicago

Hello fellow travelers! I see you’re going to the USA, huh? You more than everything must visit this marvelous Big Shoulder City. And I, as a good guide, will help you to choose the best places to visit.

This is the city of contrasts, where stone jungle architecture battles nice parks and river bridges. The first thing I would call an open space Gem in the city. The millennium park. Open space, amazing artworks, great restaurants around and lots of fun things to do. The architecture is fantastic and fun. Where lies a big shiny “Bean”, you wouldn’t miss it.

Chicago pizza is well-known around the world. The locals say that a lot of them used to like New York pizza, but after tasting Chicago pizza… they just fell in love with New York pizza…Surely, it is a joke. You gotta taste at least one Chicago pizza, it is really radical.

Want architecture? Take a 90-min Chicago river-architecture-tour. You’ll explore all three branches of the Chicago River on a journey through the heart of the city. This riverboat excursion introduces passengers to Chicago’s legendary architecture, narrated by a professionally trained architectural guide. It’s a truly unique way to see the city.

Lack of cityscape views? Skydeck Chicago, try to win the battle with your fears. There you could see what the city looks like from the top of the world’s 3rd tallest building. After an elevator ride to the 103rd floor of Willis Tower, you’re free to check out the Windy City from above. Enjoy landscapes of iconic places? Don’t forget to take pictures while standing on the fearsome glass balcony.

Like Night at the museum? Then you should definitely visit the Field museum with almost 40 million specimens and artifacts in our collections—including SUE, the world’s most complete Tyrannosaurus rex. There will be something for everyone.

To complete my list I`ll recommend that you should explore the city as much as you can. If you need one of the best city places, you can find it on the Michigan lake shores. Most museums are placed on their picturesque quays. So don’t miss any opportunity to stroll at this place.

P.S. The last tip to Ukrainian female tourists going to Chicago… They say that it is not a good idea to hang out with Chicago guys. These Illinoseys will just Illinois you…Boring a bit…Of course, it is just a jest. Chicago, this Big Shoulder City is waiting for you!

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