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For many of us, it has been more than a month of constant staying at home. What was expected to be a funny experience became a nightmare for thousands of people (even introverts, imagine that!). We survived through the first wave of zoom screenshots instead of photos from real meetings. We endured several flashmobs and challenges on cooking, reading, drawing, yoging, blogging, studying, memeing, and embroidering. We enrolled in dozens of online-courses (which we are not going to finish), signed up for a hundred webinars (which we will sleep through) and now it’s time to search for new activities. With this, I give you a list of the top 5 places to visit without leaving your apartment.

1) Kitchen land.

Very popular travel destination. It is important to plan your trip wisely to avoid crowds: we recommend going there at night when chances to meet other tourists are minimal. You should see the most known attractions here: the cold beauty of Fridge Desert; the winds of Kitchen Hoods; the monstrous Mountains Of Unwashed Dishes. Also, if you are a fan of ancient history, be sure to check on the mysterious Jar With Some Yearly Leftovers In It. After seeing this you’ll never be the same person again.

2) The United States of Living room

Will do great, if you are a social type. This is the place with lots of entertainment features, like Music Channel, Netflix Place, Book Shelves, and others. If you want some new acquaintances, be sure to check on The Coach — the best place for meeting someone. It may even turn out that your family or co-livers are actually some nice people to talk to.

3) Los Balcones

Insta-popular tour. The sights are spectacular, so if you want some great photos — go here. Bonus is, apart from sightseeing, you may do some dive into history with all of the unnecessary forgotten staff, that is kept there for years.

4) St Bathroom’s Isles

This is a destination for a classical vacation. You can just relax in the water, listening to the sound of the tubes and smelling the ocean breeze air refresher. However, be prepared, that, if your bathroom is not a split one, you may be disturbed by the locals in a short time.

5) New-Bedroom

Traveling for introverts, who usually spend their trips staying at the hotel. This is a safe space for you, that provides an all-inclusive, unlimited sleeping possibility. Perfect to plan a romantic trip for couples of any age.

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