Top Five Rules of Business Etiquette

Business etiquette is a principal point in creating and running a business. It is a system of general ethical norms, rules of conduct, interaction and communication with business partners and colleagues.
So let’s talk about the main rules of business etiquette.

  1. Unfair advertising.

Now you can often come across a great advertisement for a product, and after buying it to understand that you have been deceived. That means that real products do not match the created advertising. The possible variant – a high price and a low quality. Therefore, to be a businessman respecting etiquette rules, you need to create authentic advertising that will truly match the advertised product.

  1. Etiquette of relations with partners.

In business, you constantly have to work with other colleagues and sometimes with enemies. However, whoever it is, you need to show respect to your partner, namely, to negotiate culturally, to pay profits on time, to trust, to be honest and decent, and to be able to keep your word.

  1. Respect for the law.

Businessmen directly intersect with the laws of the state. Therefore, this rule states that every businessman must conduct his business honestly without violating the established laws and not to create any swindling schemes.

  1. Business appearance.

Every entrepreneur should take care of his or her appearance and image. For example, it is not allowed to come to the office or to negotiations in shorts and a T-shirt. Men are required to wear a business suit with a tie and shoes, and women are required to wear trousers or a skirt, blouse and shoes. In short, you need to follow the dress code. These are established norms and if you do not follow them you will show your disrespect and unprofessionalism.

  1. Facial expressions and gestures.

You should always follow your words, gestures and facial expressions. A businessman should be kind, with a good smile, control his or her actions and maintain a general good mood. In no case you can use obscene gestures, show your dissatisfaction with facial expressions. In contrast, it is better to discuss everything culturally, as it brings benefits to a person in business.

These are just 5 rules of business etiquette, belonging to the top ones, in my opinion, and it is desirable to follow them to be considered a businessman or a businesswoman respecting etiquette norms..

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