Top Seven Travel Things

(Opinion article)

Each of us thinks about what things you need to take on a so long-awaited trip. Do I need this thing? And this? Do I need a frying pan or a radio? Of course, travels are different. Perhaps a frying pan would be useful if you were going to have a rest in the woods with tents and mosquitos, and the radio, if you went to the middle of nowhere or the end of the world, where no one lives, except Robinson Crusoe and Friday girl. In this opinion article, I will tell you what is better to take in a trite trip to Europe, where all you will do is walk around the city, see the sights, taste traditional dishes or go to museums.

  1. Power Bank. An indispensable thing in the journey! If you use any device that needs to be recharged, then you must have a Power Bank. Basically compact and convenient, fast charging and rescues at any time.
  2. Sleep mask and earplugs. If you are the same as me, you can not sleep while flying or bus riding, lose your nerves when someone loudly growls or talks, then you definitely need to take a sleeping mask and earplugs. They will keep your sleep and your peace of mind.
  3. Ordinary (not plastic!) packages. Corny and unnecessary? Of course necessary! You can conveniently pack your garbage or dirty clothes without spreading unpleasant odors. Moreover, the package can be useful in any situation.
  4. Towel. Although many hotels give towels, and in hostels, you can take it for an advance payment,  but it is always better to be reinsured. And it’s much nicer to wipe yourself with a towel knowing that no one has used it before you. If you do not want to overload the suitcase or backpack, then pay attention to the microfiber towels, they are light and dry quickly.
  5. Deodorant. The mandatory thing in your luggage. In any case, you will sweat a lot, especially in the summer, when you have a lot of walking around the new city. Deodorant perfectly solves this problem and adds to your company a pleasant aroma.
  6. Toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste. If you do not want to buy it on the spot, then take it with you, it’s simple! Very important friends that everyone should have on the journey.
  7. Antiseptic. A wonderful hygiene product. Because you don’t know who touched all these handrails, door handles and money, before you.

Everyone has his or her own backpack. We carry our own life long luggage. But only you can choose what to put inside. Therefore, choose the right things and do not lay down something that you never pull out.

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