Training Stations for Dogs – Immoral Fun or Cruel Need

We are not beasts, we are human beings…Once I came across an article entitled “Christina Solovy Calls to Ban the training stations for dogs!”  Up to that point, I had not known that there were such animal concentration camps at all. It is there that they are brutally tortured, and then the victims are treated or just put to death. Station workers may mock animals for years. It is hard to imagine how a person is capable of such crimes, and all this is only to bring up the dog’s hunting skills.

What struck me most was the fact that such institutions are legal, I think it is a major step back in our “civilized” world. Also, it is illogical that the law “On the Protection of Animals Against Cruelty” co-exists with these merciless training stations, so they simply should disappear.

The application of electronic collars delivering shocks to dogs` necks also surprises me. They say that they are used to train obedience and behavior modifications…But why don`t the station workers try to put them on their own necks? To see the convulsions of animals is not it harsh and heartless?

It would seem that the cruelty was characteristic of our ancient ancestors because at that time they could not otherwise, it was a struggle for survival, but now dog breeders say that it is a cruel but compulsory measure in training dogs. I completely disagree with this opinion and believe that other alternatives can be found. There should be no such phenomena in the humane world. Such actions are unnatural because there is such a thing as natural selection, where the fittest survive, not the situation when a bear tied to a state of almost complete immobility dies from the terrible aggressive attacks of a flock of dogs. If the animal miraculously survives, it will be tortured the next time, until its heart stops beating.

This information angered and confused me a lot. As I have noticed, the media is not keen to discuss this issue. This can be due to many factors, but it is vital to highlight this situation and launch a campaign to humanize it as much as possible. We are not beasts, we are human beings. Let`s try to find divine sparkles in our souls especially on Christmas Eve.

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