Travel Blog: Exodus of Love on Bali

Are you mad about food, pray, and love movie?

And also do you want to visit such a great ninth-generation medicine-guru-man, who will tell you something incredibly valuable about your life?

Okay then! Let’s go to Bali with us!

This is the deepest and the most meaningful place for your insights and meditation. Just being on Bali means that you start to know this life much better and your thoughts become in-depth.

It’s often raining there, but you won’t catch a cold, you’ll enter the wind. You will feel the soul of wind, and you will start speaking with wind…So don’t worry, if you get a running nose our insurance policy will take all the expenses and you will be healthier than you came thanks to such men and women like Ketut Liar. Their receipts of well-being are foremost in the world.

Also you will learn how to throw small or big water. Bali is a place of gratitude, so there you will always hear ‘Terima Makasish’ that means ‘thank you’!

Our company will show you the most widespread areas, and you will get a photo on large swing with the breathtaking view! Just imagine yourself flying over the rice fields!

Don’t be scared to live just among the Hindus, a lot of Ukrainian and Russian freelancers go there for the favorable conditions of work. And that’s not a surprise! Because Bali has its special energy and everything you do there comes from love and compassion.

Besides, this county has everything on the street, especially showers and baths, but if you don’t wanna feel connection with nature, there are villas with covered bathrooms 😉

Well, you can contact me and book a flight to the world of relaxation and nature!

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