Trends and Quarantine

(Viral article)

A healthy body makes a healthy spirit.”

How many trends have already been invented and experienced by us? A trend towards a healthy lifestyle made many girls go on diets, go to gyms, go to yoga, and so on. Then a trend began under the name “body positive” and did not indicate an unambiguous position. Many people still argue on this topic. Then came the quarantine and panic of the whole world.  And trends for a moment ceased to exist.

After people calmed down, a trend began for psychologists, and more specifically for psychological health and relationships between people.

We encountered an inability to communicate with people close to us. Therefore, a large number of psychologists began to provide assistance to their clients remotely.

I believe that the main trend of quarantine should be, “Stay healthy no matter what!”  This is the most important task for all people. It means to stay mentally healthy too. To get out of a crisis, we need to stay healthy in all plans. Only a healthy person will be able to continue his or her usual mode of life without prejudice to his or her health.

Let’s believe in the best, enjoy our free time and just live!

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